Klopotec Orkestra

When I was traveling in 2008 trough the balkan, I discovered for the first time a 'Klopotec'. A Klopotec is an old, rattling, windmill, that's been used since the 16th century as bizarre, musically scarecrow. The image and sound of this beautiful object always kept running in my mind and I always wanted to do something with it.
In 2015 I worked as an artist in residence for an contemporary art festival in the Medieval city Ptuj. Here I created the first fundaments of the Klopoetc Orkestra. 
In the winter of 2016 I builded the complete orchestra at the magical Kråkeslottet, a crow castle situated in the high north of Norway, at the Arctic Ocean, the fjords, the beautiful mountains, in 2016 the Klopotec Orlestra was exhibited during ArtiJuli at the Kråkeslottet.
In 2017 I've worked together with drummer/percussionist Teun Verbruggen.  We created a visual music performance with the Klopotec Orkestra, in which the windmills come alive. In november 2017 the preformance with the Klopotec Orkestra will be premiered at KAAP and we'll play a tour in 2017 - 2018. Check 'Agenda' for the dates and locations.