photos Pieter Kers

How do archaic instruments, like for example bullroarers, membranophones, lithophone’s, rattles, rasps, bells, … affect contemporary music and how do natural materials like stones, sand, grains and seed pods relate to contemporary, technological music and sound art?

In a larger context ‘La Floresta’ and my work in general explores the relationship between nature and humanity. How do we experience nature and sound and how do we relate to it in this globalized, technological era? How does nature and the sound of nature affect our lives today?

Trough this work I want to create a new social and cultural context in the relation of trance and music and bring people together by listening as an integrated experience. One of the main reasons that music arose and persists is to bring people together. "Music leads to bonding, such as bonding between mother and child or bonding between groups. It has even been suggested that music, in causing such bonding, created not only the family but society itself, bringing individuals together who might otherwise have led solitary lives." (How Music and Instruments Began...’ By Jeremy Montagu, University of Oxford)

In ‘La Floresta’ the focused experience of listening is subject of my research. Through my way of experiencing nature into this sound installation and the music I intend to make with it, La Floresta embodies the sensory experience of nature. Music can transform one’s sense of time and space, it can take us into another world. My aim with this work is to bring an audience into a state of deep listening, in a trance-like state, and let them experience sound in its deep differentiations and intensities.

Production, concept and sound installation:
Hans Beckers
Berlinde Deman : serpent
Nathan Daems : tenor saxophone, kaval, ney
Indré Jurgeleviciute : kankles, voice
Hans Beckers : guitar, clarinet, objects, sound sculptures

Technical support
Gregor Van Mulders : technical realisation
Danny Vandeput : construction work

Concertgebouw Brugge, Klara Festival, Werkplaats Walter, STUK, Zonzo Compagnie, iii (instrument inventors initiative)
With the support of the Flemish Community