Can steam be used to make music?
Can water be played melodically and rhytmically?

With his sound installation Sonitum Voda, Hans Beckers researches the sound of water and steam.
Sonitum Voda is the sequel to Sonitum Horarium, a sound installation created by Beckers for ChampdAction, in wich he used various kinds of sand from different parts of the world and in which each kind of sand has its own specific sound.
After the sound, it is now time for the sound of water.
Bubbling rhythms, sizzling water vapor, dripping notes, sloshing melodies...
A host of water sounds is transformed into music.
Sonitum Voda explores the boundaries between music and performance and between sound and visual arts.


  • Concept, music & installation: Hans Beckers
  • In concert with: Teun Verbruggen or Simon Segers
  • Technical support: Istvan Leel-Össy, Gregor Van Mulders

Production: ChampdAction
Coproduction : KAAP, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Zonzo Compagnie
With the support of the Flemish Community