The sound that surround us, my fascination with it, is essential to all of my work. 

As I live with my ear to the ground; ‘the act of listening’ is my key to find a deeper touch with reality. A complex network of sound acts upon us each moment in time, beyond our awareness the audible reality colors our actual perception. While sound is omnipresent, we don’t dwell on it. We rarely observe frequencies and vibrations as a map of our emotional and physical condition. As such its revealing messages radiate straight into the unconscious.

The receptive way of listening is indispensable to perceive awareness and value the environment in deeper sensibilities. I believe ‘the focused act of listening’ can trigger self-realization and change in our lives. It sharpens our consciousness and creates a higher spatial and social sensitivity towards our environment and other creatures. 

One part of my fascination is the way instruments are put together as a construction of sound trough material and texture. I engage in a constant search on how to change the relationship between person and instrument. In this way normal objects and materials that are not considered fit to play music on can in fact become musical instruments. Working with daily objects and natural materials while placing them in a context of contemporary music and visual arts is another constant in my work.