Hans Beckers was born in 1986 in Antwerp (Belgium) and now lives and works in a small village at the countryside near Brussels. In his work sound is a very crucial and constant element. In his performances and installations he tries to find a balance between music/sound art and visual arts. Most of his sound installations could be seen as self-made instruments, mostly made with all kinds of ‘objets trouvees’. He shows how objects that are not generally considered fit to play music on can in fact become musical instruments. He searches for objects, machines, materials from nature, several devices and household objects with an intriguing sound quality. With these materials he makes new kinds of instruments that brings these objects to life. His performances are a combination of composition and improvisation, where he plays a whole range of materials rhythmically, melodically and harmonically aided by a self-made table instrument that amplifies normally inaudible sounds through a magnetic field.

His work is mainly focused on sound, installations, music, audiovisual art and performances, but he also makes drawings, etchings and music scores for theatre and film.

His performances and sound installations were exhibited and performed on different Festivals and Art houses over the world, like Bozar Brussels, Muhka Antwerp, Opera De Lille, Concertgebouw Bruges, Konserthus Stavangar, Casa Modernista Sao Paulo, etc.