In a remote Norwegian fishing village stands an old magical wooden house, the Krakeslottet. The man who lives there gathers up wood: beautiful pieces of wood from old buildings and branches shaped by the sea, washed up on the beach, rafters from old houses, sheds and farms, saved from demolition. Hans Beckers, who has amazed BIG BANG audiences many times with his intriguing sound installations, has visited the bewitching Krakeslottet, where he built klopotecs – rattling windmills from north east Slovenia – from old wood pharmacie hommes, each with its very own character . In the 16th century klopotecs were used in vineyards to drive away the snakes and help the grapes to ripen. Hans has now turned them into an exciting sound installation


  • Concept & installation: Hans Beckers
  • Music & performance: Hans Beckers & Teun Verbruggen
  • Wood craft: Hans Beckers & Jasper Devillé
  • Technical support: Gregor Van Mulders, Istvan Leel-Ossy, Pieter Nys

Production: Zonzo Compagnie 
Coproduction : KAAP, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, ChampdAction and Kråkeslottet ARtiJuli
With the support of the Flemish Community