Clangdelum Cinematographica takes you on an associative trip from Indonesia to Charlerloi. From the top of a vulcano, between swirling hot springs, a hectic tube station or inside the mechanics of a steam engine, you are submerged in a world of sound… with visual and sound recordings of intriguing places, Hans Beckers reveals the musicality and poetry of the every day in this audiovisual triptych.

Clangdelum Cinematographica is a ‘concert movie’ and an installation in one, in which Hans Beckers improvises live music. The viewer is taken on a journey, where a play with association and dissociation take place, a play between recognisability and abstraction. This work is an interplay between image, sound and live performance that slowly but surely drags you into a very particular and personal musical and visual universe.

Creation/composition/live performance: Hans Beckers
Camera/Editing: Hans Beckers, Jimmy Hendrickx
Sound recording: Hans Beckers
Production: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
Co-production: Theater Aan Zee, KC De Werf.
With the support of the Flemish Community