All life on earth evolved from a single-celled organism…
Thereafter we became a fish, an amphibious, a reptile and a primitive mammal
Before we became a foetus
Nobody knows why we never became a bird?
Nobody knows why each child still dreams he can fly? 

Like Icarus tried to reach the sun with wax and feathers, modern man tries to transcend entity trough science, genetic manipulation, and plastic surgery. But like in the old myths this unsolvable desire for perfection is overthrowning mankind.

This desire to exceed our own limitations, like in the old Icarus myth, comes alive in the performance Ademlozing of the POST.TRAUM collectiv. They bring dance, music, theatre and visual art together in a crossover spectacle of humour and poetry. This synergetic performance of this young group of artists makes of Ademlozing a stunning experience.

Concept and direction: Maya Wuytack
Performers: POST.TRAUM collectiv (Maya Wuytack, Serena Wuytack, Lize Blauw, Brecht Vanmeirhaege and Hans Beckers)
Choreography: Serena Wuytack
Live music: Hans Beckers
Visuals: Lize Blauw

With the support of: KC De Werf Brugge, De Vieze Gasten, KC België, de Vlaamse Overheid, Provinciebestuur Oost-Vlaanderen, NEST, Stadschouwburg Sint Niklaas